Dray Potts

Dray Potts is a painter, photographer, printmaker, leatherworker, and teacher. They create works of both great beauty and powerful statements about life and our place in it together. I encourage you to visit Dray's website to see the enormous range of work they do and the tremendous skill and expression they bring to everything they create. Unfortunately our development timeline doesn't allow for the highest level of their talent to be showcased here, but this game will still have a beauty and richness that I think you will really enjoy.

Artist's Statement:

Art and music are part of life for me, as much as breathing. All in life is transient and therefore, to me, excruciatingly beautiful. My creative expression is a response to that - it's an attempt to capture a moment of life's constant movement before the moment changes. It is my way of telling the truth, of revealing all that is there, of celebrating and mourning the moment as it passes, and of recognizing the significance of how each moment gives birth to the next. Life is a symphony, and through my art, I strive to capture one fragment of a measure, with every note in that fragment included, as well as the lingering hint of past sounds leading up to the moment, and the promise of those that might come after.

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