An illustration of person standing overlooking a green valley on an alien planet. Beside them is a small, cute, pink alien creature.
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You are a xenoarchaeologist who is marooned on a deserted planet due to your spaceship malfunctioning. You are the first human, that you know of, to have ever stepped foot upon these lands, and there is much to explore and categorize. But even in the face of astounding possibility, the weight of longing for a way home is always upon your shoulders. Build a base, explore the lands, creatures, plants, and ruins. Discover the mystery the ancients left behind and piece it together to reveal what happened long ago on this strange planet.

This game will be 2D isometric, made using the Godot game engine. A full, rich storyline immerses you in a world full of history. Original hand painted artwork and music done by Dray Potts.

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Sketch of a creature with a heavy body, horns, and a long thick tail

Explore Uncharted Lands

Wander freely in an open world full of rich biomes and many interesting locations to explore. Search out points of interest and discover new resources. Learn about the life forms on this planet to expand your knowledge and collect pages of plants, animals and more in your science field journal.

Sketch of a bush with very large nuts growing on it

Build and Craft

You'll be able to build a house, workshop, furniture, and a farm. You'll be able to collect resources and turn them into materials for crafting and cook a variety of interesting foods.

Sketch of a cactus that is tall and angular and grows in clumps

Uncover the Secret of the Ancients

Search for ruins and find the pieces left behind to learn the story of the ancients. Use your tools and notes as you uncover artifacts of ancient life and technology.